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Elevate with Robert Glazer

Mar 12, 2019

Jayson Gaignard is the founder of Mastermind Talks, one of the world's most exclusive, invite-only events for entrepreneurs. He’s also the author of Mastermind Dinners and host of the Community Made podcast.

Show Notes

  • Why Jayson decided to start his first business.
  • The evolution of Jayson’s entrepreneurial journey and how it led him to start networking with other entrepreneurs.
  • The event that inspired Mastermind Talks (MMT).
  • How Jayson got Tim Ferriss to speak at his first Mastermind Talks Event.
  • Jayson’s approach to scaling the quality of MMT attendees.
  • Why MMT is known for being harder to get into than Harvard.
  • Jayson’s ambition for the future of MMT.