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Elevate with Robert Glazer

Apr 4, 2019

Philip McKernan needs just a few minutes with somebody to understand what they want in life.

As a coach, Philip works with entrepreneurs and business leaders to help them find clarity on what their passion is in life, and setting them on the path to achieving that clear purpose.  Philip takes a holistic approach to coaching, believing that what people do outside work is vital to what they do professionally.  He joins host Robert Glazer on this Elevate Podcast episode to talk about finding clarity for others and his journey to becoming a coach.

Philip is author a celebrate speaker and best-selling author.  His most recent book, One Last Talk, helps people find their truth and share it with the world.

Show Notes

On this remarkable episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Philip hit rock bottom before becoming a successful coach
  • Philip’s journey from Ireland, to Canada, then to America
  • Why it’s so many people struggle to find clarity in life
  • Why what we do in our personal lives inevitably affects our professional results
  • How Philip started One Last Talk and helped people share their deepest truths
  • The time Philip was chased by an elephant
  • A mistake Philip has made, and what he learned from it