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Elevate with Robert Glazer

Jul 23, 2019

Stew Friedman is one of America’s leading authorities on work-life integration.  He is the founding director of the Wharton Leadership Program at University of Pennsylvania, a best selling author, and an award-winning profession who inspires “rock star adoration from his students,” according to the New York Times.

On this Elevate Podcast Stew joins Robert Glazer to talk about his passion for improving life for working parents, the transformative effect of healthy company culture, teaching at Wharton and lessons from a life spent learning.

Show Notes

On this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Stew’s path to earning a PhD in organizational psychology.
  • What organizational psychology is and why it’s a vital part of leadership.
  • Starting out and Wharton in 1984 and realizing he’d found his dream job.
  • Stew’s decision to focus on parenting, and balancing family life with career.
  • Stew’s work to change understanding of work/life balance and integration
  • How Stew founded the Wharton Leadership Program and grew it into a national presence.
  • Stew’s work as a consultant to rebuild Ford’s organizational culture.
  • A mistake Stew made, and what he learned from it.