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Elevate with Robert Glazer

May 26, 2020

Keith Ferrazzi has transformed the way we think about building lasting, mutually-beneficial professional relationships.

He’s an entrepreneur, world-renowned speaker and NYT bestselling author. Keith is Chairman of Ferrazzi Greenlight and its Research Institute and coaches Fortune 100 company leaders and...

May 19, 2020

Philip McKernan needs just a few minutes with somebody to understand what they want in life.

Philip is a world-renowned coach, bestselling author and keynote speaker. As a coach, works with entrepreneurs and business leaders to help them find clarity on what their passion is in life, and setting them on the path to...

May 12, 2020

Tucker Max is one of the most successful writers of his generation. He’s also spent the past decade helping others get published as well.

He’s a 4-time New York Times bestselling author and the fourth writer to have three books on the New York Times Non-Fiction Bestseller List at the same time.  He’s also the...

May 5, 2020

Safi Bahcall is a brilliant and audacious thinker on physics, biotech and entrepreneurship.

He’s a physicist, biotech entrepreneur and former CEO.  He was named the EY Biotechnology Entrepreneur of the Year in New England and worked on the President Obama’s Council of Science Advisors in 2011.  He is also a...