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Elevate with Robert Glazer

Feb 15, 2019

Peter Atwater is a man who is fascinated by why people do what they do.

His iterative and impressive path in the financial world eventually led him to studying confidence, specifically the role confidence plays in the choices that we make and the behavioral parallels that cross politics, social action and the markets – presently and historically.

By looking at these these factors, Peter has been able to predict much of what’s going on in our society today – from business, financial, political and personal perspectives.

In this Elevate with Robert Glazer episode, you’ll hear Robert and Peter discuss some very interesting topics, including why Peter looks at books, music, architecture and food when researching confidence-levels and how we’re experiencing a 1960’s-esque “rhyme” today.

Tune in to this Elevate with Robert Glazer episode with Peter Atwater to learn:

  • What happens in our minds when confidence falls
  • What the “me-here-now” concept is, how it affects our decision-making and why companies need to understand this
  • How architecture gives us a peek into extreme peaks and valleys of confidence
  • What Peter sees on the horizon for companies of the future
  • Peter’s predictions for political and business environments, social media and global warming